In response to violence in the world (blog)

In response to violence in the world, the most meaningful change we can make is in how we treat each other when in conflict.

Like so many, I had trouble sleeping last night. I was sorting through thoughts of yesterday's tragedy that hit closer to home than any of the other senseless tragedies taking place all over the world today, searching for meaning as I do, needing to write but not having the words. It was a night of asking questions and waiting for my heart to answer. 

Everywhere, millions upon millions of dollars are spent with the purpose of convincing people on one side of an issue to fear and despise people on the other. Everything is "war" these days from the smallest personal argument to actual combat across the globe. World leaders speak of peace but vilify enemies to justify the violence and we follow suit here at home. And, whether it's intentional deception or a natural response to true fear, the result is the same: loss, despair and even more fear with which to justify more violence. 

Here we go in response to this tragedy. One side will want more guns for protection, the other more laws. Both sides forget that no gun and no law will change the heart of a killer. What can possibly? Only love. Only love in all it's forms. Compassion. Forgiveness. Empathy. Honesty. Trust. Courage. Humility. What's beautiful in this world is how naturally inclined our children are towards these things. What's senseless is how we teach them to be afraid, angry, unforgiving, cold and callous to face a "grown up" reality. Our children are a rainforest of pure love and answers to the worlds problems and we lose them, in so many ways, to the violence we accept and unwittingly encourage.

When someone is hurting or in pain, we respond with loving action. When someone causes hurt or pain, we fight or fly for our own protection. This is natural. But, look around and notice that we've built all our industries, governments and societies under the banner of fight or fly and do both until we're so disoriented that only love could possibly save us. What would happen if we started there instead. 

There is no memorial fitting but the one in our hearts that calls us to act with love in every situation towards every. single. one. 

The beloved is everyone -Rumi




Meditation: where there is darkness, sadness, hopelessness, wickedness and hatred, let me be love. 

(Note: Meditation has brought me great peace over the past year. I've begun to post a daily meditation intention on my twitter account. If you care to follow me there, I'm at @lauramariemusic. Meditate however you please whether repetition of the intention, silence, breath work, prayer or quiet reflection. 5-10min a day to start makes a difference) 


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