We All Know a Danny Masterson

The thing about the 70s, speaking as a child of the 70s, is that we didn't talk about sexual assault. But, since the beloved characters who awakened our nostalgia for those days of blissful unawareness and willful ignorance are in…

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My Ignorance

I should be posting about my upcoming EP and book (Save the date: May 26th!), how much the material means to me, the time and effort it took to produce, and how I want it to change the world, but…

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An Update

TW: mental health, Lyme disease, autoimmune disease 

This year has not been very productive which has been frustrating for me and confusing for those who were expecting me to release new music this year. I apologize for the confusion and…

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Be Love

The song Be Love from the album Stars Apart based on the following prayer of St. Francis also referred to as the Peace Prayer. 

"Lord make Me an instrument of Your peace 
Where there is…

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Mental Health/Meghan & Harry

I’m sure we can all picture what it looks like when people with money, power, and influence are mentally unhealthy and how that impacts the world around them. I mean, c’mon. (I seent it! *gestures broadly at all of human…

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I Told You So

New song out for subscribers at lauramarie.bandcamp.com. Told You So. "I told you , 'I believe you, want and need you, lead my heart around..."

Good Luck Charm


New song out for subscribers at lauramarie.bandcamp.com. Told You So. "I told you , 'I believe you, want and need you, lead my heart around..." 

SWRFA 2016

Laura Marie will be returning to the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance on September 30th, 2016 as an official showcasing artist to perform songs from her latest album Stars Apart.  

Showcases are open to the public and tickets are available…

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