Podcast #28 - I Surrender 

I was in a mood. Just really, really had enough of the ridiculous arguments and justifications for treating every other human being as an enemy. Now, most of the people around me aren't violent and I'm from Texas but, it's not like we are all walking around with on Uzi despite what you might hear on the news. Those people make great headlines but I don't see much if any of them on a daily basis. I guess I was having one of those weeks (or a couple of weeks, really) where certain people were standing out to me. You know, you've seen them, the ones with bumper stickers spreading hate towards one person or another or the news people spreading fear with provocative questions, really, just anyone looking for conflict and justifying it. I felt infected with it. It was like a virus and I caught it and I was angry because I was seeing things that just were not fair and lies that are never justified. I'm still kind of angry I think. I made a few public comments to followers about how frustrating it is and most people agreed that certain behaviors were just uncalled for, everyone has had just about enough of that. Only a couple of people jumped in pointing fingers at "the other side" as if we aren't all guilty of buying into the fear that leads to anger and spreading it around when we allow it to get the better of us. I haven't been a great person to be around for the last several days, I'm grateful for those people who hung around anyway. This song came from a deep place of longing to let go of the pride and the fear and the anger at the very same time I wanted to act on all of it. Can I please surrender it? I do not want to walk around with this anger like a disease inside of me. That's not who I am. It's not who I want to be.

Despite all of that I had some beautiful moments with family and friends and an awesome time performing at Springboard South in Houston, Tx. Got to catch up with some music business friends I hadn't seen in a while and made some wonderful connections with other artists. Can't beat that!

I Surrender

I cannot consent  
To the normalcy of war
Allowance and acceptance
Allegiance underscored
The reasons ringing hollow
Dissension by design
To convince a few to follow
So the rest will fall in line 
Joined in holy horror
In sickness to remain
Reticent and helpless
Indifferent to the pain
of children born to torment
their innocence denied
If no one here is willing
To sacrifice their pride (break)
Can I surrender, Can I surrender mine
Can I surrender, Can I surrender mine 
And here we stand for freedom
For the liberties we take
for money and for power
not for another’s sake
and we’re free to hear the gunfire
Ringing through the halls
the sacred sound of freedom
Tearing through the walls
You can call the court order
You can call it justified
But how dare you call it justice
Just because you have the right
Lives ruined and wasted
With everybody here
broken by the hatred
crippled by the fear
Can I surrender, Can I surrender mine
Can I surrender, Can I surrender mine
The life that it takes
We stand on the graves
The peace that we make
late by a day (prompt)
Can I surrender, Can I surrender mine
Can I surrender, Can I surrender mine

 ©LauraMarieMusic 2014


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