Podcast #50 - It's Not Easy  

I'm having a bad freaking day! Which is funny because I was having a bad day when I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. But, then it was about everything being so cold and dark outside. Part of it…Read more

Podcast #49 - The Window 

I have this concern with escaping convention. I think I've always questioned why we do the things we do, why we limit ourselves to certain ways of being and thinking. Of course, I do see the value in having boundaries…Read more

Podcast #48 - Monotone 

Ever have one of those weeks where it seems like some portal to the past has opened up and you run into a bunch of people you haven't seen in ages? A couple of weeks ago it happened to me.…Read more

Podcast #47 - You Know What You Know 

You're not the boss of me!!! That pretty much sums it up. Seriously, though, there are many people I take advice from so, it's not like I think I have all the answers. I know I don't. And, I don't…Read more

Podcast #46 - Look Up 

It is really easy to focus on all the reasons you can't do something. You have the fear of failure on the one hand and the fear of success on the other. I know fear of success sounds kind of…Read more

Podcast #45 - You're Right 

I keep looking at this song sideways. I challenged myself to write with these different rhythms and I'm pretty sure I hate this particle one. Haha! The prompt was "break the shackle" and there was so much I could write…Read more

Podcast #44 - Love For You Now 

Everything that was supposed to happen happened. Acceptance. I think we often see conflicts as really horrible things but, they are wonderful for directing our course. Getting through them, over them or around them shapes and molds us. More than…Read more

Podcast #43 - Open Wide 

"Beyond Repair" was the prompt. I thought about the things in my life that have been completely destroyed, all the pain and heartache and blessing. :) Really, sometimes things have to be broken apart so better things can take place…Read more

Podcast #42 - Still In The Game 

Listening back to this and I here all the places where I need the song to breathe. I think I'll work on that. The prompt was "Still in the Game" and it brought to mind this perpetual game we play…Read more

Podcast #41 - Diggin' On Swine (Rap..ish) 

Actual quote from Matt Barker: " That was exactly what a laura marie rap would sound like". To be fair, it's only "rap-ish".

It's moments like this when I think, "Why did I agree to share all these songs?" Before…Read more

Podcast #40 - Stay Where You Are 

The end is near. 40 out of a 52 song commitment. Not bad y'all. Wait until you hear next week's rap song ;)

This week's song prompt was "Excuse Me For Living". Do you ever feel almost afraid to be…Read more

Podcast #39 - More Than This 

Week #39 was the week I broke down. It started with a panic. I completely lost my sense of direction and started to question why I even write songs. One of my beloved friends, who I used to perform with…Read more