Podcast #37 - Let's Spend All Night 

Having some fun with my nephew's ukulele. Those little suckers are tough to keep in tune. But, I learned four chords and came up with this song. The prompt was "slide to the right". I was feeling kind of lighthearted…Read more

Podcast #36 - Way Up High 

It's podcast #36 but it's assignment #37. Next week, I'll post last week's assignment. I'm switching it up because I wrote this song in reaction to the news of Robin Williams' death and felt like this was the time to…Read more

Podcast #35 - Stir It Up Again 

Short and sweet little demo I wrote and recorded just before we left for our anniversary weekend. We married young and we've grown up together. I still remember the look on my mother's face when I told her I was…Read more

Podcast #34 - How Do You Ever?  

I have a couple of friends going through relationship problems. It's complicated. Sometimes it works and it's lovely and sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't have to be anyone's fault. My friend Margaret posted a video clip of Tyler Perry's character…Read more

Podcast #33 - Hold Me  

I was so irritated at the world and it was tearing me up. Ugh! I returned home from vacation to what felt like a mountain of negativity that seemed to come from every direction. I'm sure there isn't really more…Read more

Podcast #32 - Barely There (From the Mountain) 

From the vacation files. Wrote this one camping in Colorado and recorded it in the shadow of Pike's Peak. Had to huddle in the back seat of Pete's truck with my iPad so as not to wake anyone while recording…Read more

Podcast #31 - Coming Up Empty 

"Night Fishing" was the prompt. I want to say that I wanted to write about what I see as a futile attempt to satisfy oneself with something that will never give us what we truly need. That could be money…Read more

Podcast #30 - Some Songs 

"Dancing with Vernaculars"  So, that was the prompt. As it often happens, I had no idea what the hell to do with it. Then I started thinking about the process of writing and songs past and present and some songs…Read more

Podcast #29 - Til The End 

I remember having a really bad week. It's all kind of a blur. Things weren't going well and I ended up writing two different songs for this prompt but the other one was depressing and incomplete so, I cut it…Read more

Podcast #28 - I Surrender 

I was in a mood. Just really, really had enough of the ridiculous arguments and justifications for treating every other human being as an enemy. Now, most of the people around me aren't violent and I'm from Texas but, it's…Read more

Podcast #27 - What You Get (looky, looky here) 

This marks the first and, probably, only time I'll use the phrase "looky, looky here" in a song. That was the prompt. Not a phrase I would typically use but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Also, it's my first ever attempt at playing…Read more