Podcast #14 - Devil's Rope 

The prompt: Devil's Rope. This prompt took me back those Tuesday night band gigs at the original Taco Land...that seems ages ago. Not to say that I don't still struggle with the… Read more

Podcast #13 - Better Things To Come 

Last night my husband and I were hanging out with a group of friends and we made a running joke about how I hate change. Then, a friend of mine asked how I… Read more

Podcast #11 - Three Sided Coin 

Do you know what a three sided coin looks like? I didn't. It's a coin that has equal probability of landing on front, back or side. What? Yeah. Here's what it looks like: … Read more

Podcast #10 - What It Means (Addiction) 

The prompt was "pause to yawn". And we got it just after Philip Seymour Hoffman died so, addiction was on my mind. I was thinking specifically about the fact that I never used… Read more

Podcast #9 - Always, Always (Video) 

The prompt was "small talk".  I had ideas for two songs. One was the "What's the big idea?" idea that you'll hear in the bridge. The other was the repeated message of comfort… Read more

Podcast #6 - It's Gonna Be Over Soon 

My mind is blown. 

Ok, it's MLK day, it's music monday, there's some repair work being done in our house and I just received an email that released a rock that had been… Read more

Podcast #5 - The Loud Silence 

These songs are on a two week delay. I started posting them just as I was working on the 3rd assignment so, it's interesting for me to go back and think about what… Read more

Podcast #4 - Beginning of the End 

This has been my favorite so far even if the recording is a bit rough (Still working on my process). I wasn't sure what I was going to do until I picked up… Read more

Podcast #3 - When the Clock Stops 

Oh, I had such trouble with this one. A good portion of it was written in the car between San Antonio and Houston to and from my last show of the year at… Read more