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This book is for anyone who has lost the ability to feel safe at home in their own bodies, who often can’t see where they end and others begin, and who feels unseen, unheard and unknown because of it. I’ve met so many people who have had their boundaries violated. How they learn to respond and heal determines every aspect of their health and ability to maintain healthy relationships. Survivors of abuse are not to blame for the abuse, so I write the following with the deepest love in my heart: It is our responsibility to heal. When someone violates our autonomy, we must do the work to repair our sense of self and establish healthy boundaries. Otherwise, we risk endangering ourselves and others emotionally, spiritually and physically. This project is about doing that work.” - Laura Marie

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Too Sweet (The Book-download PDF only)
  • Too Sweet (The Book-download PDF only)

Too Sweet (The Book-download PDF only)

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