survival guide

I am a certified professional life coach with a degree in music education and more than twenty-five years of experience as a performing singer-songwriter. 

*a life coach is not a replacement for a mental health professional. Though I do incorporate mind-body approaches in my coaching, our sessions will focus mainly on setting and achieving specific goals and overcoming obstacles in various areas of your life as a creative person. If you need immediate help for a mental illness or other significant emotional concern, please seek a mental health professional. If you are able, it is often helpful to work with both a therapist and a life coach to address your needs and reach your goals. 

HI! I'm Laura Marie and I'm a music industry survival guide. I can help if you, like me, came to the music industry with big hopes, dreams, and a whole lot of baggage. OR, if you came in expecting a welcome wagon and ended up feeling lost in the woods. 

I am a sexual trauma and suicide attempt survivor diagnosed with OCD and CPTSD who has struggled with debilitating stage fright, anxiety, agoraphobia, and depression. 

Making music was my therapy but being in the music industry triggered all my worst fears and self-sabotaging behaviors. My relationships in and out of the industry were a mess and, because I kept running into predatory people, I was on the verge of quitting more times than I can count. 

After 25+ years of hitting the same obstacles, I finally worked my way around and over them to be exactly who I want to be as an artist and a human being. It's my mission to help others do the same. 

If you are in a creative field and feel alone, out of place, targeted, paralyzed by your insecurities, or stuck in self sabotaging patterns, I'm here to help you find and follow the one thing that can get you through:

 your own internal compass

Trust me! You have one and the way to get what you really want out of your career is to learn to trust it. 

This is for you if:

  • you want the confidence to show up fully and authentically in your career
  • you want your life and career to be fully aligned with your highest values
  • you want a well balanced life that enables and supports your creative career
  • you want to be self reliant, self assured and safe in the music industry or other creative field
  • you want to find community and feel supported 

This is NOT for you if: 

  • you want someone to give you all the right answers instead of doing the work to find what works for you
  • you are committed to competitiveness more than creativity
  • you're willing to give up happiness and health for fame and fortune
  • you are not ready to take responsibility for your life and career

mentoring application

Filling out this application is not a commitment. This is just to help me understand how I can help you and if we'll be a good fit. No pressure here. Just write the first thing that comes to mind. Keep in mind that this kind of coaching is not centered around music industry success but around building and maintaining the emotional health, well being, and resiliency you need to enjoy a successful and sustainable career in your creative field. Why achieve a career goal if you can’t enjoy it or build upon it when you get it?