Podcast #51 - No Secret 

Secrets. In my song "Honest" I reference the song "In Code" from my first solo album, Drawn. "In Code" was all about my habit of writing songs when I felt I couldn't speak openly. Lyrics were my outlet. I could hide my true feelings in metaphors and abstractions and have imaginary confrontations. At the time I wrote "in Code", I was particularly angry with someone close to me and frustrated with my inability to gain their approval.  I think I even went so far, at least once, to write a song with the first letter of every line spelling out my frustration. I'm finding it difficult to remember which song it was but, anyway, back to "Honest".

"Honest" was about me finally being able to "speak my truth" having learned that I really can't live with a lie. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. That doesn't mean I go around telling everyone every single thing just because I believe it to be true. Sometimes, the truth hurts and can be used to damage people. I wouldn't want to do that either. No, it has more to do with knowing what is true for me and living in that truth. And, yes, being honest with people is definitely part of that process but not everything I believe is worth imposing on other people, especially if it will cause pain. 

So, here comes this song. I had a suspicion that one or two of my songs might be taken out of context by some who really know my music. Everyone is free to interpret songs as they will but I don't want to misunderstood. I know it's silly. I'll be misunderstood anyway. I have no control over that. "No Secret" is about that. On a week that I was given a song assignment and felt I had nothing significant to draw from, I went through the leftovers. And, to be completely contradictory, there actually is a hidden meaning in it, an argument, a long held frustration. One word hint: authenticity. I still have imaginary confrontations in my head. 

No Secret

There’s a mess of irregular
pieces inside of my head
Mind like an open book
But not easily read
Paint thrown on a canvas
Among the hoarded and the stranded
And now, these particular parts
Strung on a thread
This is no secret

I have a mountain of
disparate thoughts
And emotions to go through
And I’ll scavenge the odds
and the ends
to find something of value
Some may be sticks and stones
Some might hit painfully close
but not everything in my head
Is always about you

Maybe there’s something you missed
But don’t go reading too much into this
This is no secret
This is no secret

Oh so many presumptions
and interpretations
And always the perfect truth
Lost in translation
The word is the end is near
Here’s to making it painfully clear
‘Cause nothing from nothing’s
still nothing
For your information
This is no secret

O, there’s a true inspiration
Ah, but then, there is vision
And setting the stage
for an act of contrition
At worst, it’s a genuine fake
At best, it’s an honest mistake
But play the part and fair thee well
All is forgiven

Oh, now maybe there’s something
you missed
But don’t go reading too much into this
This is no secret
This is no secret

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